Funding for Floatsation Aids for 18 year olds and under:
Funding for FLOATSATION Equipment from £200 to £5,000 per application aged 18 or under for Individuals or Organisation (you do not need to be a charity) such as CSP. For more information please e-mail me using our funding contact form.

Floatsation Aids

All Floatsation® products are made from high quality netting containing a random mix of bright citrus colours (yellow, green and orange).

To see and download a leaflet with full product details click here.

Floatsation® (formerly known as Original Floatsation and New Age Floatsation) comes in 4 modules:

If you would prefer to order by post please download and print off the Order Form. When you have completed the form please send it with a cheque for the total due to the included Floatsation® address.

  • Full Floatsation Set

    Special Offer - Full Floatsation Set

    Full set of all four of our floatsation devices

    770.00 ex VAT)
    £924.00 in stock


  • Big Citrus Pocket

    The Big Citrus Pocket

    150cm x 90cm

    £384.00 in stock


  • The Big Citrus

    The Big Citrus

    150m x 90cm

    299.00 ex VAT)
    £358.80 in stock


  • The Citrus with pillow

    The Citrus

    120cm x 70cm

    270.00 ex VAT)
    £324.00 in stock


  • Citrus Burst

    Citrus Burst

    75cm x 75cm

    185.00 ex VAT)
    £222.00 in stock


  • Citrus Flexi-Tube

    Citrus Flexi-Tube

    140cm x 10cm (like the swimming woggle but much more flexible)

    58.00 ex VAT)
    £69.60 in stock


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